management consultants society institute association Management Consultant Certification Certified Manager Global Management Consultants Association Society Certification Certified Management consulting consultant coach business certificate diploma phd degree training education

IMCB ™ International Management Consultants Certification Board

IMC International Certified Management Consultants Board of Standards Society Management Consulting Certification Certified Management Professional Certification

Other Notable Certifications recognized by the  IMCB ™  International Management Consultants Board


  1. Certified Public Accountant - AICPA
  2. Law License & Juris Doctorate or Law Degree - Bar Associations USA  -
  3. Federal Law Licenses - Federal Courts or EU Courts or
  4. AAFM ™ Certification
  5. CFP ™ Certification with an Accredited Degree
  6. IPMC ™ Project Management Academy - Certifications
  7. CFA ™Financial Analyst Charter Designation
  8. PFS Designation from AICPA


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